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Chapter General 2024
in Kingston, Ontario

Looking forward to an unforgettable Chapter General in beautiful Kingston, Ontario.


Location: Kingston, ON
Dates: May 23rd – May 26th, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the dress code for Chapter General 2024 activities?​

The dress code for Chapter General 2024 activities is as follows:

BUSINESS CASUAL is appropriate for the following event(s):

  • Summit

  • Meet & Greet

  • Postulants' Breakfast

  • Educational/Informational Sessions

  • Cataraqui Golf & Country Club Dinner

MANTLE & BUSINESS CASUAL is appropriate for the following event(s):

  • Vigil

GALA UNIFORM / BUSINESS ATTIRE (with full size medals and mantles) is appropriate for the following event(s):

  • Investiture

MESS KIT, GALA UNIFORMS, BLACK TIE (with miniature medals) is appropriate for the following event(s):

  • Grand Prior's Gala

TRAVEL ATTIRE is appropriate for the following event(s):

  • Inter-denominational Service of the Word and Blessing for Travel (Godspeed)

What is the absolute last day to register for the Chapter General?


The deadline to register for the Chapter General 15 May 2024 (end of day).

Where will Chapter General on-site registration take place?


Attendees can check-in (or formally affirm their attendance) and receive their lanyards with name tag, welcome booklet, etc. at the following locations and dates:

Is there a detailed timeline for events?

Please refer to this Agenda [PDF] for more detail on Chapter General events.

Is there a separate registration for non-member significant others who may wish to drop in to Chapter General 2024 workshops, etc. but not attend all Chapter General activities?


A donation to the Order would be most appreciated in lieu of formal registration payment. The suggested amount to donate is $30. If your significant other wishes to attend one of the lunches, then the cost of the meal must be covered (meal costs to be shared here soon.)

How do I get from my accommodation to the various activities?


Bus transportation will be provided from accommodations to the various venues; between venues; and back to accommodations at the end of the day. On the 25th, there will also be transportation from the Investiture to your accommodations, from your accommodations to the Gala, and from the Gala back to the accommodations at periodic scheduled times after the dinner portion of the gala.

Transportation schedules will be emailed to you or you can access them thru the Members' Area of this website.

I have another question that isn't answered here—how can you help?


Contact us with your question and we'll respond right away.

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