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Under the banner of the Green Cross, you can help meet the needs of Canadians as they approach the end of life or live with leprosy. Saint Lazarus Canada offers a unique ecumenical platform.

Be a part of the good work we do today.


As a Christian Order of Chivalry, membership with Saint Lazarus Canada is open to men and women who:

  • Identify as Christian and strive to follow Christ's teachings

  • Are of good character and standing in their community

  • Wish to help others

Joining the Order is truly a rewarding, lifelong commitment. We are a working Order with many things to accomplish. We hope you’ll join us!

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for membership in the Order:

  1. Assemble the following items in an application package:

    • A completed membership application​

    • Copy of a personal CV

    • A high resolution photo (.jpeg or .png file) that can be emailed

    • One of the following: a copy of a birth certificate; a copy of a baptismal certificate; or a letter from a Minister or Priest that attests to your denomination and standing

  2. Submit your application package to a Commandery or the National Chancery Office. All applications are stored securely and the information is kept confidential.

  3. Submit the application fee. This onetime payment can be made by EFT, credit card, or cheque.*☩

A member of the Order will set up an interview to get to know you better and further assess your candidacy.

* We will return admission fees to refused applicants.
☩ New members must pay for a one-time passage and insignia fee.

Interview process

Two (or more) Knights or Dames of the Order will invite you to an interview to learn more about you and your motivations to join the Order.


They will review these topics with you:

  • The mission of the Grand Priory in Canada

  • Member obligations, including:

    • The requirement to attend a meeting of the Order at the national level for investiture and after investiture for promotion and awards

    • Attending at least one local meeting each year (our members see our active social calendar as an enjoyable benefit!)

    • Your financial commitment to membership (annual oblations or membership fees)

    • Your financial commitment to participate and support local, national, and international charitable and ecumenical projects and activities

  • Charitable and ecumenical projects or activities happening in nearby Commanderies


After the interview


The interviewers and the applicant must both agree to proceed with sending the completed application package to the National Membership Council for review.


If the application is approved by the National Membership Council, it will be forwarded to the Grand Prior for submission to the International Magistry and approval by the Grand Master.

If you are approved as a member, your membership fee will then be processed. If declined, your membership fee will be refunded in full.

A Potential OSLJ Member Filling Out a Membership Application

Apply Today

We welcome your interest in our work and hope you consider joining our prestigious, ancient, noble Order.

We’re passionate about fulfilling our mission to help meet the needs of Canadians as they approach the end of life or live with leprosy.

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